In Canada…British Columbia in Particular, We do not have Democracies, Equal Society or Free Trade! We have a Class system of Statism, reinforced with Peonage, Within a series of Cartels, all rolled up into a 1% Bilderberg  Camorra  of Lies ! That’s why dozens of CANADIANS die before their time every Welfare Wednesday, but according too Our Propaganda Ministry, or ”Free Press”……….Poverty and Homelessness is ”JUST” a Attawapiskat or 2% Issue and ”NOT”  a National Crisis !! And as long as Rome is the Mob, You Can quite literally Kill millions with just Policy, Circumstance and masses of imported 3rd world indifference ! The Truth then becomes what you 3 shiny new indifferent replacements ”TELLS” you the &^%$ING Truth is !! If I say it, I’m a Racist !……….If a Tibetan says it about the Masses of Chinese immigration to commit Culturcide and He’s a PATRIOT ???? I wonder how many Natives committed suicide or became alcoholics after the Buffalo were rubbed out? West coast Forestry/East Coast Cod fishery Culture????  British Columbia Premier Christy Clark was voted in to office with less than 20% of the Vote……%50% didn’t even bother voting which should say everything right there……..Less than 30% voted for Christy and Pipe Lines?? ”PIPE LINES” ??? With a Plus or Minus accuracy of 10%…….so less than 20% could have voted her in !! How come a Barrel of Oil on the ”FREE MARKET” sells for the price of a Barrel of KFC Chicken but a Loaf of Bread still costs me FIVE &^%$ING Dollars??? When it comes to a Nation? Last election? 14 Million ”CANADIANS” didn’t Fall for the same endorse the Sodomizing Status Quo your going to get one way or another: Come out and Vote for your next Bilderberg Puppet, election, Bull shit !! That Number, 1/3 of Our population that didn’t even bother coming out, should say everything !! Hitler had less than 10% of German people supporting him in the beginning…..Something too think about !!

Define ”Democracy”…….”Equality”…….”Society”??? While you’re looking that up…………..How about define ”FREE MARKET SYSTEM”………..How about ”GENOCIDE” or ”TREASON”?????? Take as long as you need….

Keep telling your selves Rome isn’t burning…….These Lies we are all living in will no longer sustain us…It’s NOT opinion anymore….9.7 Billion Greedy People living on a pie called earth, and we are Killing species that have survived past global extinction event(s) by the Day………….TICK…….. TOCK !! ….One way or another This Capitalist System of Lies WILL pop !!